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Be Our Reseller
Why Join Us

Nora Idros Enterprise offers various products for you to start your own online/offline business. 

We commit to provide you with the latest information related to the product you wish to sell

What Do You Get

REWARDS shall be given to anyone who achieved the Sales Target.

Steps To Joins
  1. Click 'Be Our Reseller' on top left of the main page, noraidros.shoppy.my
  2. Click 'Continue'.
  3. Click 'Create a new login account'.
  4. Fill up the details and hit the yellow button.
  5. Fill up a few details and click 'Send Request'.

We will receive a notification and shall contact you immediately after your registration. 


For any questions, please WhatsApp or Contact Nora at 0192740304


Reseller FAQs

1. The price mentioned on the item does not include postage service. You may be charged based on the current rate provided by the courier service.

2. If the item is unavailable on the website, what should I do?

You may send your request to Nora at 0192740304.

3. Can I order via WhatsApp although the items are available?

No. All items must be ordered via online; through noraidros.shoppy.my or facebook.com/makpahcun or via Insta acc @nora.idros

4. How long will it take to process?

Within 24 hours for all items which are available. However for items which are unavailable, pls allow 48 hours to complete your request.

5. How soon do you ship all the orders?

24 hours (work days) for all items which are available.

3 working days for items which are unavailable.

6. Am I expected to highlight or response on WhatsApp group?

Yes, please.

7. Is self-pickup available? What time?

Yes. However please notify us 24 hours before you make your way to pick up. 

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